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Die Cut Gaskets, Gasket Die Cutting, Custom Steel Rule Die Cutting

Needs Parts but do not have a press to cut them?
Many times it just doesnt make sense to do it yourself.
The cost and time involved in cutting
gaskets and certain materials is simply not worth the headache. We can create your custom die and cut the parts quickly and at a lower cost.
As an added bonus we maintain the dies for FREE!!!
All dies eventually get dull. This requires reconditioning/reruling which is an added cost to cutting your parts and costs time to be done which no company can afford. If your die ever need to be reruled we simply do it and continue processing your order on time at no additonal cost to you! This can really add up over time.
The typical rerule is 2/3 the original cost of the die.
The next time you require die or laser cut parts for your application lets us take care of everything with 1 phone call. We can cut any material you require with one of of our processes. If you wish to supply your own material to keep costs down that is fine too. From Silicone, EMI, Bergquist sil-pad, kapton,formex,nomex,neoprene,sponge to you name it we can get you the parts you need at a cost you simply cannot beat.

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