Monthly Archives: June 2010


Bent Rule Only Service

As a service to shops that do not currently have or need an automatic rule bender we offer bent rule only.

Simply email us your cad file (cim/dxf/dwg/ai/eps) scaled 1:1 and we will ship your bent rule to you for insertion into your dieboards. The time saved and accuracy achieved make this a very helpful partnership for many shops across the country.

And of course nobody beats ACE for pricing.


Ace Adds New Series of Automatic Steel Rule Benders

We are pleased to announce the addition of Gerber Innovations to our rule bending machines.

This new bender can accomplish bends our current models cannot due to its “bend first cut last”
design.  With this bender we can truly achieve the “impossible die”.
With the the Gerber and Adams technologies machines working side by side we have the best of both worlds that few facilities can offer anywhere.