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Medical Die Manufacturer.


Medical Dies – Ace Steel Rule Dies

Medical Dies

We offer Precision see thru Clear Lexan Medical Dies.

The Country’s Premier Medical Dies Manufacturer.

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  • Pharmaceutical Die Cutting
  • CNC Lexan die board medical cutting dies
  • Medical Steel Rule Dies
  • Clear Steel Rule Dies
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  • Automated Steel Rule Benders
  • 85,000 Punches in Stock
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  • Award Winning Quality Steel Rule Dies
  • Gasket Cutting Steel Rule Dies

We Do Not Use Inferior Plexiglass/Acrylic which will crack under normal use!

We only use Ge Lexan for our Medical Dies.

medical dies

Medical Dies

Medical Dies

Medical Dies Ace Steel Rule Die

Medical Dies - Ace Steel Rule Dies

Medical Dies Manufacturer – Ace Steel Rule Dies.


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Clear Lexan Dies

Clear lexan dies offer many advantages to their wood counterparts.
Obviously the operator can see thru the backing for precise placement of the next cut.
Many of today’s material are very expensive and keeping waste to a minimum can often
cover the cost of the tool!
Imagine saving 10% on the material costs by reducing the waste between cuts.
The medical industry also benefits from the use of Lexan dies.
Lexan is the only clear base material approved for ALL medical die cutting applications! We can also use true Stainless Steel in the dies for a complete medical die solution unique to Ace! We stock stainless steel rule for our medical customers. Stainless rule does not corrode and is approved for medical applications.
True stainless steel rule is not a standard blade available at any other company.
We have made it one of our standard blades and have it made specifically for us in Germany.
For more information please give us a call to discuss. 1-609-654-4161.

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