Ace Adds New Series of Automatic Steel Rule Benders

We are pleased to announce the addition of Gerber Innovations to our rule bending machines.

This new bender can accomplish bends our current models cannot due to its “bend first cut last”
design.  With this bender we can truly achieve the “impossible die”.
With the the Gerber and Adams technologies machines working side by side we have the best of both worlds that few facilities can offer anywhere.



Die Cut Gaskets, Gasket Die Cutting, Custom Steel Rule Die Cutting

Needs Parts but do not have a press to cut them?
Many times it just doesnt make sense to do it yourself.
The cost and time involved in cutting
gaskets and certain materials is simply not worth the headache. We can create your custom die and cut the parts quickly and at a lower cost.
As an added bonus we maintain the dies for FREE!!!
All dies eventually get dull. This requires reconditioning/reruling which is an added cost to cutting your parts and costs time to be done which no company can afford. If your die ever need to be reruled we simply do it and continue processing your order on time at no additonal cost to you! This can really add up over time.
The typical rerule is 2/3 the original cost of the die.
The next time you require die or laser cut parts for your application lets us take care of everything with 1 phone call. We can cut any material you require with one of of our processes. If you wish to supply your own material to keep costs down that is fine too. From Silicone, EMI, Bergquist sil-pad, kapton,formex,nomex,neoprene,sponge to you name it we can get you the parts you need at a cost you simply cannot beat.

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Laser Steel Rule Dies | ACE STEEL RULE DIES



Laser cutting used for manufacturing laser steel rule dies is an amazing technology.
Since the laser never actually touches the board extreme tolerances can be achieved when controlled by the latest cnc drivers. We have been using lasers at Ace for many years and continue to develop new techniques to increase our tolerances. We have just added a brand new German made control drivers to our lasers. These new controllers have allowed us to achieve even higher tolerances than with any other product on the market. We now have the ability to control the machines every motion down to .0001″. A constant line of communication is open between the cnc motors and the control box to ensure the table/laser are just where they should be at all times! Our legendary high tolerance dies have become even tighter!
One more reason we are the “Home of the Impossible Die”!

Laser Steel Rule Dies

Laser Steel Rule Dies


Atom Clicker Presses

After 50 years we have seen and tested many presses for die cutting.
We have chosen to sell only the Atom brand of clicker presses.
There simply isnt another brand that offers the value and quality of these presses.
We only offer brand new presses and models range from 8-25 tons.
All presses are ready for delivery and will arrive at your facility within 1 week.
If your looking for a smaller hand operated press our patented ACESRD 5m press is the only entry level press that truely delivers professional die cutting results.
Any of our presses work with standard steel rule dies and heavy duty clicker dies.
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Clear Lexan Dies

Clear lexan dies offer many advantages to their wood counterparts.
Obviously the operator can see thru the backing for precise placement of the next cut.
Many of today’s material are very expensive and keeping waste to a minimum can often
cover the cost of the tool!
Imagine saving 10% on the material costs by reducing the waste between cuts.
The medical industry also benefits from the use of Lexan dies.
Lexan is the only clear base material approved for ALL medical die cutting applications! We can also use true Stainless Steel in the dies for a complete medical die solution unique to Ace! We stock stainless steel rule for our medical customers. Stainless rule does not corrode and is approved for medical applications.
True stainless steel rule is not a standard blade available at any other company.
We have made it one of our standard blades and have it made specifically for us in Germany.
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