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manual clicker press

Manual Clicker Press

manual clicker press

manual clicker press

  • Stop the tedious process of cutting patterns by hand with this hand-operated machine that’s sure to save you lots of time
  • This manual clicker press will pay for itself in no time with just your time savings alone
  • This clicker press gives you professional results for products you can sell at higher profit margins
  • Swivel-away clicker head allows you to see where you’re setting the die and offers easy clicking
  • A large 3″ cam and 29″ long handle gives you added leverage for easier clicking
  • Knurled adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust machine for using 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ dies
  • An aluminum plate attached to the head allows you to use double-edged dies
  • Heavy-duty design is reinforced at stress points for years of dependable service

Manual clicker press with swing-arm cutting head can perform many types of die cutting with steel rule dies.
This bench top clicker has been used for leather, embroidery, badge cutting, card stock, magnetic cards, coasters, small plastic shapes, straps and belt ends, clothing, rubber, key fobs, cork, plastic, felt and many other materials.
Ruggedly built with a cam actuated mechanical advantage
The press requires little effort making operation very easy. The swing arm operation provides the operator with a clear view of the work table (cutting board) making location on printed products a snap.
Full 360 degree Rotating head gives clear view and easy access

Specifications :-

  • Machine is 15″ W x 10″ D x 43″ H (with handle extended)
  • Included Clicker board measures 8-3/8″ x 11-7/8″
  • Includes mounting hardware for attachment to your workbench
  • Instruction sheet included

To gain a more correct idea of size place a standard sheet of printer paper (A4) on the desk in front of you, the cutting board is slightly larger than this, any shapes you can fit on this can easily be cut with one hit with the Press!
Larger sizes can simply be hit multiple times as the material locks into place after the first hit!



Our custom made dies work seamlessly with our press!!

Due to the fact we only sell new machines all press sales are final, no returns are accepted.

We Only Ship the Press to the Lower 48 States