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Ace Manufacturing Process

We believe in the quality of our dies.

Our Customers also believe in receiving the highest tolerances possible for their applications.

We strive to deliver the best!

From start to finish each die is put thru a series of inspections to maintain our high tolerance codes. Our dies are manufactured by our automated machines.

It begins with our Cad system designed strictly for Steel Rule Die making. We dont believe you can get the best using off the shelf cad software thats why we use Cimex Cad/Cam for our designing of your dies.

Next our boards are processed using our Laser Dieboard Cutter or CNC Dieboard Router designed specifically for diemaking. These machines provided us with perfect dieboards based on the CAD designs they receive. We have customized our slot profiles to ensure you will not receive loose blades!!

Finally all rules are processed in our Bending Dept. There the steel rule blades are bent using the latest cnc rule benders available. We currently use a system developed by SDS USA. Our Turbo Bender is capable of bending rule to the tolerances we demand die after die.

This is where we stand apart from other die companies! Our dies are carefully checked and monitored each step of manufacturing until complete.

All machines receive scheduled calibration to ensure optimal preformance.

All Dies receive a final inspection prior to shipping!

How can you be sure of the quality of our Dies?
40% of all Dies manufactured by Ace are ordered by other die shops and resold!




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